Below are the frequently asked questions from our customers. Hope they are helpful to you. If your question is not among them please feel free to contact us.
Q: How much hair is needed for a full head?
For average head size, the following is what for reference:
8”-14”: 2bundles
16”-22”: 3bundles
24”-30”: 4bundles
Q: What is a machine made weft?
A: Machine made wefts are the most commonly made weft style. These wefts are made with a sewing machine and have been reinforced multiple times for durability. This style of weft can be cut for installation. Machine wefts are durable and do not have to be sealed, but to prolong the life of the weft, we recommend sealing before installation. Never sew through the weft during installation, for the weft can be damaged which will lead to shedding. Attach the weft with a looping or wrap-around stitch.
If a weft has to be cut, please always user a weft sealer at both cut ends to prevent shedding.
Q: Will the hair look exactly like the hair in the picture?
A: The picture is to give an idea of our hair's texture. Which is taken by our real virgin hair bundles in our warehouse
Q: How long will this hair last?
A: With proper care, this hair will last a long time - between a year and two years.
Q: How is the hair length measured?
A: Our straight hair is measured in its natural state, whereas, the wavy or curly hair is measured when stretched.You may want to add 4-6 inches when ordering a curly or wavy texture.
Q: Can the hair be dyed/coloured?
All of our hair products can be coloured within 27# easily, We highly recommend a colour preview test on a swatch of hair to see how your new colour will look. Most importanly, use the services of a professional colourist to dye your hair extensions if you want to dye light color.
Q: How do we care for Virgin hair bundles?
 Because this is 100% human virgin hair, you would care for this hair just as your own. Wash and condition it regularly. You can blow dry, but we recommend drying the hair by either sitting under a hair dryer or when possible let your hair air dry. Here is a tip, for achieving loose curls with out heat; try braiding your hair up at night. Be sure to tuck your in a scarf or bonnet of some sort - the result will be curls that last all day.
Q: How often should I wash/shampoo my Virgin hair?
A: Wash it as often as you like and condition when possible, remember this hair is very strong and durable. We recommend that you shampoo your extensions at least once a week. Be careful to pay attention to your natural hair underneath, making sure to dry it properly to prevent mildew.
Q: What happens if what I order is sold out?
A: Occasionally a tremendous demand will deplete our stock of a particular product. We will attempt to contact a client with information on out of stock items. We reserve the right to partially fill orders that contain out of stock products. We will provide a refund for any item that is not fulfilled.
Q: How to distinguish human hair with synthetic hair?
A) Burning and smell:Human hair will be ash and smell foul, when burning, the human hair will show white smoke. While synthetic hair will be a sticky ball after burning and will show black smoke.
B) Human hair feels like kind of cool feeling.
C) human hair may have very few gray hairs and split ends. It is normal and not a quality problem.
Q: Why the colors of hair extensions don`t seems exactly as the pictures show or description says? A) Different monitor have different displays. The same color number may have a little color difference.
B) Different angles, different light could affect the pictures.
C) The picture is to give an idea of our hair's texture. Which is taken by our real virgin hair bundles in our warehouse
Q: If I order today, how long it takes for the shipment?
We will ship the goods within 12hours after the payment is confirmed. Arrival time according to the shipping address.
It takes about 2-3 working days on the way to USA, Europe
It takes about 5-7 working days on the way to Africa
Q: Why the virgin hair will be in different Color? Because the virgin hair are just cut from the donors, different people the hair come out in different colors, some will be darker or lighter, when the bundles come in a combination will have this problem, it is for normal phenomenon.
Q. Why are my hair extensions getting tangled?
It could be caused by dry hair. Pls make sure to wash & condition your hair every 3-4days and full the care instruction. Using a soft brush or wide tooth brush, start at the bottom and work your way up slowly. You could go to your stylist for further suggestions
Q. What is your Returns/Exchange policy?
We can exchange hair within 7 working days of your purchase with the original receipt, The product must be in its original packing and sellable as new.
Because of sanitation and safety concerns, we are unable to accept hair that has been colored, chemically treated, installed, or used in any way. Please inspect the quality of hair before use
Any products that are not in resellable condition will not be returnable. If returned product is not resellable, we will not refund your money, nor send your returned product back to you unless you pay for the shipping. Customers are responsible to receive any shipped package. If customer' package returns because there are no person to receive package or customer refuse to receive it, we will charge 20% restocking fee plus the ACTUAL shipping charge. If customer want to rearrange the shipping, then customer are responsible for additional shipping charge.